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  • EUREKA ver.1.0 will be released in July 2008. Sorry for the inconvenience (2008/6/13).
  • EUREKA ver.1.0 release will be postponed untill late April or early May (2008/4/4).
  • EUREKA Q&A open (2008/1/4)
  • Path problem of Graphviz for Windows (2008/1/4)
    • The installer graphviz-2.16.1.exe sets a wrong path. There are two soluations for that. See EUREKA Q&A.
  • EUREKA beta bug fix (2007/12/26)
    • EUREKA beta (2007/12/21) had a problem in simplify option. Please replace the previous version.
  • EUREKA beta release (2007/12/21)

What is EUREKA?

EUREKA is an utility for Ethoinformatics (= ethology + informatics + something more) that quantifies sequential animal behaviors and determining the rules that govern them. You can perform the following analyses with EUREKA:

  1. information theoretic analysis,
  2. extraction of probabilistic nature (N-gram models),
  3. extraction of deterministic nature (Reversible automata)

in sequential data of animal behaviors.

EUREKA has been developed by the joint research of Laboratory for Biolinguistics, RIKEN Brain Science Institute (BSI) and Nishino Laboratory at The University of Electro-Communications (UEC). EUREKA has been programmed using Java and according to its policy, “Write once, Run anywhere,” so this softwere works on every platform if Java is installed in the computer.

EUREKA stands for "Ethoinfomatical Utilities for Rule Extraction and Knowledge Acquistion"; in addition, this is an ancient Greek word that appeared in Archimedes' famous anecdotage. This word means “I have found it!” Since we would like EUREKA users to have an experience similar to the one Archimedes had, this name has been selected. EUREKA is currently under development and will be distributed as an open source (GPL license) that everybody can use free of cost.

Extraction of the deterministic nature of animal behavior (i.e., the analysis 3)

The extractoin of the deterministic structure of animal behavior consits of three processes; (a) preprocessing, (b) modeling, and (c) model evaluation. Firstly, from given behavioral event sequences, the preprocessing constructs the pattern diagram thereby performing the extraction of behavioral units and noise detection. Secondly, the Angluin's learning algorithm with our original extensions is applied to the behavioral unit sequences and then the behavioral rule is represented as the smallest deterministic finite automaton that accepts (generates) the smallest set of possible animal behavioral patterns. Thirdly, we evaluate the behavioral rule using the cross-validation method.



EUREKA beta is now available. This is a trial version of softwere for further improvement and bug fix. EUREKA beta allows you to carry out probabilistic and deterministic rule (syntax) extraction in sequential data of animal behaviors (i.e., analysis 2 and 3). Please refer README to make a setting file (setting.txt).

Before the installation of EUREKA beta, please confirm if your pc contains Graphviz and JDK. If not, download them from the following sites:

Bug reports and feedbacks are welcome. Please send an email to:


R & D Members


  1. *Y.Kakishita, *K.Sasahara, T.Nishino, M.Takahasi, and K.Okanoya, "Ethological Data Mining: An Automata-based Approach to Extract Behavioral Units and Rules" (in prep. *Equal contribution)
  2. Y.Kakishita, K.Sasahara, T.Nishino, M.Takahasi, and K.Okanoya, "Pattern Extraction Improves Automata-based Syntax Analysis in Songbirds", Australian Conference on Artificial Life 2007 (ACAL2007), Progress in Artificial Life, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 4828, pp.321–333, Springer, 2007
  3. K.Sasahara, Y.Kakishita, T.Nishino, M.Takahasi, and K.Okanoya, “A Reversible Automata Approach to Modeling Birdsongs”, Proceedings of 15th International Conference on Computing (CIC2006), pp.80-85, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2006

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